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The Sub Ez

Engineer Designed and Supplied with Full Test Certificates

The Sub-Ez

Design Features:

Design Standard DNV 2.22 Section 3
Material Mild Steel Gr 350
Weight 50kgs
SWL 200kgs
Weld Standard AS1554.1 SP
Patent No. 2015902509


The Sub-Ez is a simple cost-effective solution to the common task of installing subs into BHA assemblies on the rig floor or pipe deck.


Safety features:

The Sub-Ez improves safety and efficiency when handling subs into bottom hole assemblies

in the horizontal position. No more slings and shackles required.

 Safety Improvement:

Installing subs into BHA components can be labour-intensive and involves manual handling risks as well as potential pinch points. The Sub-Ez removes the manual handling risks and eliminates pinch points through a hands-off approach that suits modern rig floor operations.

 Efficiency Improvement:

Installing subs into BHA components can take time, depending on the number of components needed. The Sub Ez simplifies the process by making use of existing rig floor winches and allowing offline installation with the use of the crane.

Instructions for use:


  1. Insert the Sub-Ez into selected sub you wish to use.
  2. Using the bell ring and notches in arm centralise the load.
  3. Use handles on the Sub-Ez to easily guide the selected sub into BHA.
  4. Using a chain tong, tighten sub in place.
  5. Lower tugger wire slightly pulling free Sub-Ez


Including :

  • Engineered design Statement
  • Load Test Certs
  • Material & Welding Certificates
  • NDT reports & Weld Maps


JUMBO SUB EZ also available to 500kg

Contact Dave Reid at

Ph +61416238980